About us

Margareta is my name. I learned to love snow and skiing when I lived as a child in Boden in the north of Sweden and later in my life in Austria. My husband Wouter grew up in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.He too loves the snow and the mountains. He can do some skiing, but is more familiar with speed skating on ice.

Before we went in for the breed we visited a dog show in Gothenburg. Here we met Jeppe, a lovely samoyed male!

He was in our eyes the most beautiful and the nicest dog in the whole show. It was love at first sight and we decided to take the next step.


Margareta with Wi-Skai 2015                                                                   Wouter with youngsters 2015

Our first sammy girl, Nordvikens Galina. came in July 1991.

We lived at that time in a big house on Kinnekulle in Västergötland (south-west Sweden). The nature was beautiful but we did not have much snow. So…, we decided to move to the north where we could expect real winters.

In summar 1996 we started a new life at Villaborg, which is an old house on the countryside in Jämtland.

I still 2015 work partly as a doctor at the hospital in Östersund. Wouter takes care of the dogs and the house.

He is training the sams for the snow season and for some races. My job is more the breeding part and of course curing the dogs in case of illnesses.

Both Wouter and I have been active members of the Swedish Polar Dog Club. Wouter was the chairman during 5 years and I was a member of the board and breeding part of the samoyed organization within the polar dog club.

Where do we live?

Now we live in France , in Saint Sulpice de Cognac (Southwest France)

Here we live in a big house from 1700 with three girls, Pistage, Tollie and Maia.

Me with Maia, Pistage and Tollie

Here below you see were we lived before, Sweden, Jämtland from 1996-2017

We live in an old house, called Villaborg, which was build 1884. We own some out-houses and some land. We live quite near the river Indalsälven in a village called Kvitsle, appr.60 km. west of Östersund in mid Sweden.

Thanks to a nice trail we can mush directly to the mountains and run as many miles as we like.

In autumn we use the smaller roads in the woods in our environment.In summer we do fishing and the dogs are resting and running free in an island outside the house or at their big yard.

The doggyyards

Front from the road


Kvitsle Villaborg 655, Mattmar, 83002, Sweden

View taken from the bridge at Brasta towards were we live 2015-11-17 . (look at the map).

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Map of Mid Sweden

Closer part of the map.

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