In Memory

S41991/91 Nordvikens Galina (Lina)

Birth 1991-05-20

Wouter, happy with our first Samoyed Lina.   Lina in the garden with jersmin                  Lina looking for reindeers in Grövelsjön



 Lina and her sons as sailors


S57263/93 Polarullens Yitzhak 

Birth 1993-09-14, he became just 8 years and 3 months


Yitzhak at our wooden boat Clipper                                     Yitzhak at the river Indalsälven



Yitzhak got such a big coat after some years up in Jämtland, Here he is 7,5 years old.

S43361/95 Polarullens Nadja

Birth 1995-06-17


Nadja in our kitchen                                                                   Nadja up in the mountains                                                     Nadja, looking for reindeers!!!!

S14809/97 Polarullens Miss-Sofie

Birth 1997-01-06


Me with Sofie and Kalle

S57266/93 Polarullens Sir Toby

Birth 1993-09-14 , He became 12 years and 9 months 


Galina with her sons Sit Toby and Yithzak                                         Sir Toby up in the mountains

S43363/95 Polarullens Nurejev

Birth 1995-06-17 died 2007-01-09


                                                                                            "Nurre" and Yitzhak

NO 4017/00  Katja av Jeni-Jamal 

Birth 2000-02-27 ,died 2007-11-02


Our special girl. She bacame just 7 years and 8 months.(She died of a lunginjury,pneumothorax)

S12188/97 Nordvikens Karelin Kaznan-Karu (Kalle)

Birth 1996-12-17, died 2010-07-30

He became 13 years and 7 months, he was the leader of the pack, 

and the beginning of our Polarullen team.He was our very best dog!

Thank you for the time we got with you.


Kalle Se UCH

Tomas with 5 generations of Kalle  (Kalle,Marina, Varya,Pistage and in front puppy Eros)

S46740/98  Nordvikens Marina-Magi 

Birth 1998-08-11, died 17.12 2012

11 years old

Marina in Storlien

Polarullens Alina Belka

Born 2002-07-16

Died 2015-01-28  12 years 6 months and 12 days old

She went to sleep together with her sister Anoushka, nose to nose.

Here she is 10 years old

Alina is a beautiful lady. She is the daughter of Katja and Baruff. Very gentle and everybodies friend.Moves elegantly. She got only 1 litter after an emergancy caesarean section.She got 10 males. Unfortunatly the vet. forced to remove her uterus in order to save her life.We decided to keep 2 of the newborn boys: Barusi and Bolchoj.

Litter 1


Midsummer 2008

April 2011


Polarullens Anoushka Evgenia

Born 2002-07-16

Died 2015-01-28  12 years old, 6 months and 12 days.

Anoushka (Noush), daughter of Katja and Baruff, was sold as a puppy to a family. It did not work out there and we bought her back.A dominant and strong bitch, like her mother Katja. Always smiling and really an excellent working dog!





Polarullens Alyosha Maksim S47926/2002  Born:2002-07-16, Died 2016-06-17

Polarullens Alyosha Maksim S47926/2002  Born:2002-07-16, Died 2016-06-17

Josh is the very kind and sweet son of Katja and Baruff. He really has a lovely character and temperament,good pigmentation and moves very efficiently.Josh went mostly as wheeldog in our team. He has very good paws, his coat is nice and not too long and thick.It is white in summer but with grey-blue gloss during the winter. His nickname is "Blueberry"-Josh. Now with 11 years+  he is retired and lives with us as a housdog.



201320 puppies (of 24) in his litters have HD: excellent ,and 17 have clear eyes.

Litter 1: 2004-06-14

S33749/2000  Samo'bas Benina

4 females + 1 male,  Hip results: 5 of 5 are checked HD: A,A,A,A,A.
ED: 1 UA
Eyes exam: 4 of 5 are examed UA (clear)

Litter  2: 2005-04-03

S40717/2002 Sun Master's Spring-Dream

2 females + 6 males: Hip results:7 of 8 are checked HD: A,A,A,A,A,A,A. 
ED: 6 UA
Eyes exam: 6 of 8 are exaemed UA (Clear)

Please look at the webbside of Snötrollens kennel and you will have a lot of pictures of the pups from "Josh".

Litter 3: 2008-03-17

S35125/2005 Swedsam´s You made my day

5 males och 3 females, Hip results: 7 of 8 with HD: A,A,A,A,A,A,B ,
ED: 3 UA
Eyes exam; 6 of 8 are examed with clear

Look at the homepage of Swedsam´s S

Litter 4: 2009-01-31

S59263/2006 Frostbjörnens Snow-Akeela

2 males and 1female

1 HD:A and 1 Eyes clear

Polarullens Ilya-Bruin 2004-05-15——2017-02-09

Ilya was the younger brother of Alyosha, he was such a lovely male, so sweet to all, people, dogs-males and our puppies (all puppies father!). Now you meet all your friends up on the samoyedcloud.


Polarullens Ilya-Bruin

As we liked the children from Katja and Baruff very much we decided to make another trip to the Netherlands. This timewe got three puppies, and Ilya is one of them. He is a tall and happy samoyed and an excellent worker.He has, like his halvbrother Aljosha, a very nice temperament and he moves very efficient.


The ROMP certificate, awarded to dogs/bitches that produce x number of working progeny.

In order for Ivory, as a bitch, to qualify, she had to have three progeny who met certain

requirement for her to earn at least 15 points.

The litters of Ilya

Litter1: Born 2006-08-19 by S57986/2000 Hyttmyran's Jaleane Jessie Sazhow

3 males and 4 females.

S59518/2006 Hyttmyran's Michail Tyson Ilyjes 
S59519/2006 Hyttmyran's Michelangelo Ilyjes HD: B Eyes: Clear
S59520/2006 Hyttmyran's Mr Murphy Of Ilyjes HD:A Eyes: Clear
S59521/2006 Hyttmyran's Mira Miranda Ilyjes HD:B Eyes:Clear
S59522/2006 Hyttmyran's Mizz Malou Ilyjes HD : A Eyes: Clear
S59523/2006 Hyttmyran's Moa Magic Star Ilyjes
S59524/2006 Hyttmyran's Made For Samilyes

HD-results:2 HD:A, HD:B, Eyes:4 Clear

Litter 2: Born 2006-09-07 by N02843/04 Arja-S (Norway)

3 males and 2 females

25137/06 Chivaz-S HD: A Eyes: clear
25138/06 Cairo-S
25136/06 Simba-S
25139/06 Ronja-S
25140/06 Aila-S HD: A Eyes: Clear

HD: 2 A
Eyes: 2 Clear

Litter 3: Born 2007-01-22 by S43298/2003 Mérlie-Bright

3 males and 3 females.

S16460/2007 Bright Lightning's Amaretto Cream HD:A Eyes: clear
S16461/2007 Bright Lightning's Almond Delight HD:A
S16462/2007 Bright Lightning's Atlantic Strong
S16463/2007 Bright Lightning's A Taste Of Honey HD:A Eyes: Clear
S16464/2007 Bright Lightning's Angel My Love HD:B Eyes: clear
S16465/2007 Bright Lightning's Amber My Dream HD:A Eyes:clear

HD: 4 A,1B

Eyes: 4 clear

Litter 4: Born 2009-08-03 of

Bivvilis Eminha Of My Bluf S61857/2004

4 males and 4 females

S54610/2009 Bielkersmils Dragos Of Ilya 

S54611/2009 Bielkersmils Dalton Of Ilya HD: A Eyes:Clear

S54612/2009 Bielkersmils Darwin Of Ilya HD:Eyes:Clear

S54613/2009 Bielkersmils Deimos Of Ilya HD:Eyes:Clear

S54614/2009 Bielkersmils Delta Of Ilya HD:A, Eyes:Clear

S54615/2009 Bielkersmils Dione Of Ilya

S54616/2009 Bielkersmils Dena Of Ilya  (Lives in Austria, HD x-ray looks excellent but is not registered)

S54617/2009 Bielkersmils Daphne Of Ilya HD:ED:0

HD:4 A


Eyes: 2 clear

Litter 5: Born 9.4 2012

Mother: Drifa Anouk von Barendorf S022991/07 (Germany)

3 males and 4 females

1) Chaika Of White Nordic Storm / Zuchtbuchnummer: S02821/23 – Famile Asche, Zassenhausweg 112, 22589 Hamburg

2) Chetan Of White Nordic Storm / S02822/12 – Familie Schoknecht, Benkheimer Weg 12, 27356 Rothenburg/W

3) Chu Mila… / S02823/12 – Familie Arndt, Waldstr. 105, 15732 Eichwalde

4) Choisie Princess… / S028224/12 – Familie Dietsch, Schuhmacher Str. 63, 63225 Langen

5) Chaya Alani…/ S028225/12 – Familie Hartmann, Am Barloh 17, 31535 Neustadt

6) Cestra Nara… / S02826/12 – Familie Halbritter, Grafentraubach 165, 84082 Luberweintin

7) Cicek… / S02827/12 – Familie Arend, Blessbergstr. 31, 96528 Schalkau. HD:A1

Litter 6: Born 29.7 2012

Mother: Prairie Isle Nayeli Tolinka

15:e kullen 2012-07-29 (M-kullen)

SE50083/2012 Polarullens Maiara Of Ily-To HD:A Eyes: Clear

SE50084/2012 Polarullens Mei-Mei Of Ily-To HD:A Eyes: Clear

SE50085/2012 Polarullens Mi-Wuk Of Ily-To HD:A, Eyes:Clear

SE50086/2012 Polarullens Mikai Of Ily-To (Belgium)

SE50087/2012 Polarullens Matoska HD:A ED:0 Eyes: Clear  (USA)

Varya  Born 2002-07-18 Died 2017-05-26

She had a very long and happy healthy life.

Polarullens Varya Arisha

Varya was born in the litter with Marina and Baruff as parents. She is very feminine and she is sweet and kind. Excellent pigmentation. She ran many times as teamleader! Good showdog as well.She got 2 litters.The second litter had 12 puppies and she got an emergency sectio and lost here uterus.After that she has been an excellent second mother to our later litters.

Litter 1

Litter 2

Varya with one of the puppies from the 1st litter of Pistage (her daughter)

Varya is a happy girl!

Taiga Born 2004-03-03,  Died 2017-05-26


Polarullens Taiga Av Myr

Taiga is the daughter of Marina and Jamaroff. Very positiv and nice bitch. Promising in concern to shows and teamwork. Has, like her mother, good pigmentation. Moves easy and elegantly. Does not bark as the others, but "talks" a lot! As a old lady she did talk very very much!

Litter 1

Litter 2


Taiga and mother Marina

Hunting for maus.

Taiga loves to walk in the river (here with Tollie)

Taiga with Olga and Olina

Bolchoj   2005-04-14——2017-07-26

Polarullens Bolchoj Alpov

Bolchoj is from the same litter as Barusi. An elegant dog and the name after the russian Bolchoj theatre suits him. He is as strong as his brother and born to run. He even is born to show as well. 
He is,he loves it!!!!I have never had a dog like him.

Young Bolchoj,  taken december 2006.


Bolchoj NUCH,Trondheim 23.6 2007.

Furudal februry 2009



Litter 1:  2008-03-19, 3 males and 5 females

Mother: S55985/2005 Nuch Dragviken´s Gotta Love It   (Norway)

08285/08 Polarhiet´s E´lite White Duschess  HD:A, Eyes: clear

08279/08 Polarhiet´s Emperor Of The Arctic  HD:A  Eyes: clear

08284/08 Polarhiet´s Empress Sweet Diva  HD:A, Eyes clear

08286/08 Polarhiet´s Enigma Of The Arctic  HD:A, Eyes clear

08283/08  Polarhiet´s Envy My Beauty  HD:A, Eyes clear

08282/08  Polarhiet´s Exclusive Arctic Queen  HD:A, Eyes clear

08280/08  Polarhiet´s Exploring Howlin´ Wolf  HD:A, Eyes clear

08281/08  Polarhiet´s Explosive Arctic Power  HD:A , Eyes clear

Litter 2: 2008-04-24, 5 males and 4 females

Mother: Nuch Bjellakis Surprising Tasha  (Norway)

14574/08 Jewel´s White´s Canto D Bolchoj   HD:A  Eyes clear

14582/08  Jewel´s White´s Cara D Tasha   HD:A/B  Eyes clear

14579/08  Jewel´s White´s Caramita D Tasha

14575/08  Jewel´s White´s Chantos D Bolchoj

14578/08  Jewel´s White´s Cobe D Bolchoj  HD: A  Eyes clear

14581/08  Jewel´s White´s Coco Chanel D Tasha  HD: B/C   (She died in an accident 2,5 y old)

14577/08  Jewel´s White´s Comet D Bolchoj  HD:A, Eyes clear

14576/08  Jewel´s White´s Conan D Bolchoj  HD:  Eyes clear

14580/80  Jewel´s White´s Cori D Tasha  HD:A, Eyes clear 

Litter 3: 2008-09-26,  2 females

Mother: S24090/2004  Polarullens Taiga Av Myr

Olga: HD:A , Eyes clear

Olina: HD:B

Look at Litter 12

Litter 4: 2009-05-22 , 2 females and 4 males

Mother: White Legend Caramel Square  (Finland)

FI45030/09  White Legend Gabriela Av Bolchoj  HD:  Eyes clear

FI45032/09  White Legend Galahad Av Bolchoj  HD: A  Eyes clear

FI45031/09  White Legend Gertrude Av Bolchoj  HD: A  Eyes clear

FI45033/09 White Legend Gunnar Av Bolchoj  HD: A/B  Eyes clear

FI45034/09  White Legend Gunvald Av Bolchoj  HD: A , ED:0 Eyes clear , Gonioskopi Normal

FI45035/09  White Legend Gustaf Av Bolchoj  HD: A , ED: 0  Eyes clear

Litter 5: 2011-03-24, 2 females and 2 males

Mother:  S70093/2007 Bivvilis Hera The Faithful

SE25132/2011 Bivvilis Kappa Rio  HD:A/B, ED:0  Eyes clear

SE25133/2011 Bivvilis Karpos Totti  HD:A , ED:0  Eyes clear

SE25134/2011 Bivvilis Kalypso Girl (lives in Finland)

SE25135/2011 Bivvilis Kakia Queen HD:  Eyes clear

Litter 6: 2013-08-17 , 2 females and 2  males

Mother : Prairie Isle Nayeli Tolinka

SE50501/2013 Polarullens Wi-Skai Of To-Bolch H (blå) Eyes: Clear  HDEyes: Clear

SE50502/2013 Polarullens Wakinyan Of To-Bolch H (grön) HD: B, ED:0 Eyes Clear

SE50503/2013 Polarullens Wachiwi Of To-Bolch T (röd) HD: A/B

SE50504/2013 Polarullens Wohpe Of To-Bolch T (orange) Eyes: Clear HD: B Eyes: Clear

Look at  litter 16

Barusi  2005-04-14———2017-07-26

Barusi is the son of Alina and Poppe. He was born after a emergency sectio as one of ten puppies. Only six of then survived.He is a very nice male and a very good working male.He is one of our lead dogs. Full power that is Barusi. 

Litters: 1 in  Norway and 2 in Sweden

A big kiss of Barusi just before the start in Furudal 2014




Litter 1

Born 10.10.2008  3 males and 6 females

 Mother: 00575/06 Eejles Av Vinterskogen

28296/08  Kvit-taz Aiko Ejba  male  HD:A, Eyes: clear

28297/08  Kvit-taz Dennis Ejba  male, HD:A,  Eyes: clear, Gonioskopi: free

28298/08  Kvit-taz Elias Ejba  male,  HD:A

28299/08  Kvit-taz Arktiske Panda Ejba   female, HD:A  Eyes: clear

28300/08  Kvit-taz Shakti Ejba  female,  HD: A,  Eyes: clear 

28301/08  Kvit-taz Mika Ejba   female, Eyes: clear 

28302/08  Kvit-taz Tundra Ejba  female

28303/08  Kvit-taz Micha Ejba  female   HD: A, Eyes: clear 

28304/08   Kvit-taz Freja Ejba  female, HD:B

Litter 2

Born 29.4 2012, 5 males and 1 female

Mother:S46113/2007 Bielkersmils Artemisia Of Kartman

SE37713/2012 Bielkersmils Great Merlin Of Barusi male

SE37714/2012 Bielkersmils Great Gorm Of Barusi male

SE37715/2012 Bielkersmils Great Gaxe Of Barusi male (lives in Norway) HD:A, ED: 0 Eyes Clear

SE37716/2012 Bielkersmils Great Geist Of Barusi male  HD:A

SE37717/2012 Bielkersmils Great Garm Of Barusi male   

SE37718/2012 Bielkersmils Great Famous Of Barusi female (lives in Switzerland)

Litter 3

Born 1.4 2014,  6 males and 2 females

Mother: S68766/2007   Nordvikens Yelena Yamal

SE31116/2014  Nordvikens Lapka Barusovitj  male HD: B

SE31117/2014  Nordvikens Leo Barusovitj  male

SE31118/2014  Nordvikens Lotjik Barusovitj  male HD: A

SE31119/2014  Nordvikens Lovek Barusovitj  male    

SE31120/2014  Nordvikens Larik Barusovitj  male

SE31121/2014  Nordvikens Lookij Barusovitj  male

SE31122/2014  Nordvikens Leona Barusovna  female

SE31123/2014  Nordvikens Lovina Barusovna  female     

Maia 2012-07-29 died 2019-07-26

fall 2014

Maia pregnant 6.8 2015, love to take a bath

SE50083/2012 Polarullens Maiara Of Ily-To

Born 29.7 2012

She is the Orange girl in Tollies first litter with 5 puppies. She is a very special girl and it took some time until that stubborn girl learned that she is not the one that decide.I am sure she will be a very good sled dog!

Hips: HD:A

Eyes: Clear 2014. and 2016

Workingtest: 2 x 30km jan 2015

Show: Excellent feb. 2015

Litter 1


Maia got two litters

17:th litter C-litter 2015-08-19, Maia+ Yeti

2015-08-19: Maia got 5 puppies, an easy delivery and normal weight of the puppies. Unfortunately two puppies (green and blue male) were not very well and had to be put to sleep.

SE49948/2015 Polarullens Cero Av Ma-Yeti , Male black, weight at birth 449g  HD: A, ED:0, Eyes: Clear

SE49949/2015 Polarullens Cata-Rina Av Ma-Yeti, Female Red weight at birth 365g  HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes; Clear, Gonioskopi  perfect.

SE49950/2015 Polarullens Caga Av Ma-Yeti, Female Orange, weight at birth 339g  HD:A

20th litter Av Villaborg 2017-07-29, Maia + Washakie

SE47974/2017 Polarullens Molotov Av Villaborg  HD: A

SE47975/2017 Polarullens Milo Av Villaborg HD: B/D

SE47976/2017 Polarullens Smilla Av Villaborg

SE47977/2017 Polarullens Sammy Av Villaborg  HD: C/D, eyes Clear

Pistage 2006-05-06 died 2019-07-27

Polarullens Pistage Sosva Ja-Nebla

Pistage is here nickname.When she was born,as the last and 5th pup in the litter, her fur were brightgreen! Sosva is a river in Siberia and Ja-Nebla is "Mother earth" in the native language of the samoyeds.She is a happy and independant girl and a very good lead dog! She hunts with her eyes and she can stand quite still for many minutes just looking around, the same it is with the programs in the television.She loves all animal series, and sits just in front of the tele.

Name: S38779/2006 Polarullens Sosva Ja-Nebla  Born:2006-05-06

height: 56 cm, Weight: 23,5 kg

Titles: NO UCH, SE UCH (11.10 -08) 2 CK,1CAC (BIM) in Sweden,3 CAC in Norway), PDP

HD: B, Eyes clear x 3


Litter 1 13:th litter E-litter 29.6 2009 (Sosva-Pistage+ Dexter)

Litter 2  14:th litter Y-litter 14.10 2011 (Pistage + Silas)

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