We are so happy that we got the oportunity to buy Samochas Tiponi of Kaaice born 20181115. A lovely girl! Thank you Lars and Lotta!


Our beloved Maia died the 26th of july at an age of almost 7 years. We tried everything but even in the vet. clinic in Bordeaux they failed, she got a pneumothorax. We don’t know from what but probably a sticky grass. It was very hard and we miss her so much.

In the early morning the 27th of july our lovely old lady Pistage died, probably something in her stomach, maybe a bloat but not typical. She was 13 years and almost 3 months.

2018-05-25 Updating !!!

Here is Wouter with Pistage and Maia, Carl with Tollie!


The homepage will be updated soon.

Since the 13th of november we live in Saint Sulpice de Cognac , France. We have the three females Pistage, Tollie and Maia with us here. Pictures will come.

Here pictures from now the end of may.


2017-09-11: K-litter Kezik has HD:A, in C-litter, Cata-Rina HD:A, ED: 0, eyes clear and gonio perfect.


Now are three of our dogs replaced to new lovely owners. Se replaced dogs.

Kaa-Tee lives in Bräcke, Wi-Skai and Era lives in Boden.

2017-08-19  3 weeks old!



Happy Birthday Yepa, 10 years today!


Happy birthday Maia 5 years old and her newborn puppies!

She got 1 female and three males. All are very big and healthy. 


Maia is pregnant and we have about 2,5 weeks more to wait!!!


Nu har Luna flyttat till Ibba och hennes familj!

Lycka till med denna lilla underbara tik!


The 27+28 of may Maia was mated with Washakie!


We are planning to move to France, maybe this fall. We have to sell our beautiful house and replace some of our dogs. If you are interested please give us an e-mail.


Kaa-Tee, her brother Kailo and Luna have normal clear eyes.


Finally some new snow! Here is my little Luna 14,5 weeks old just like a Polarfox in the snow!


Planned litter is updated.


Kaa-Tee has HD:A and ED:0


Today our male Ilya went over the rainbowbrigde, we are so sad but he was rather old 12 years 8 months and 25 days. He was one of my favorite males, always so friendly and sweet to all dogs, people and our puppies. 


Today our puppies are 9 weeks old. Three have moved to their new homes and one is moving this upcoming weekend. Little Luna stays some more weeks. Look at 19:th Litter

Luna and Sakhalin

We Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


All puppies are doing fine! Here on the picture they are one week old.

One male is available for the right home.


The puppies of Wohpe and Salomon (Swix) were born the early morning monday the 14th when the Super Moon arrived! Five puppies, four males and one very little girl.

2016-11-05 I am happy all puppies of my W-litter have good hips! HD:B

Wohpe is doing fine in her pregnancy. We will see in about 10 days how many puppies she has. I think now about 5 but just never know!


Oh yes Wohpe is expecting a lot of puppies!!! She is day 35 today so in about 4 weeks we hope to meet them!


Wohpe and Swix has mated today! He is grandson of Akilles which was planned as father to our puppies but because of special circumstances he had to stand over. I am very happy that the young ones of both three years really did love each other at the first sight. Look at Planned litters.


2016-07-16  Today our A-litter are 14 years old. Aiyla is still a fit old lady! The other are gone over the rainbowbrige some time ago. It is and have been a fantastic litter.


Our beloved Alyosha is today at 07.10 gone over the rainbow bridge at an age of 13 Y 11 M and 1 D.

Here he is together with Pistage in his bed early this morning..


Kaa-Tee and I, together with Siv and Ibba at Västfjället

2016-06-12 Probably it will not be any puppies with Tolinka and Tosha. I will do an ultrascan just for sure in about 3 weeks. Look at planned litter.

2016-04-25 Kaa-Tee and her sister and brothers are 8 months and teenagers!

2016-03-06: We plan a litter with Tollie look at ”Planned Litter” Updated 25.4.

2016-03-05: Kaa-Tee and her first training with the sled 1 km.

Here we come: Kaa- Tee goes together with her mother Era at wheel (to the right in picture)



The homepage is now updated!

All puppies have found new good homes.The one female (you can see below) is staying here, her name is Kaa-Tee and is from the litter of Era-Wi-Skai.

More about the litters you can see at 17th litter and 18th litter.

2015-09-16 We have now just two females and one male for sale.

2015-08-31 Two days ago we lost one female in the litter from Era. We are very sad, the puppy was laying under the blanket and mother Era put her bottom on her. So now we have 2 females and 5 males.

Era delivered 8 puppies, three females and five males. Look at Planned litters


Maia delivered 5 puppies during the night to the 19th. Two females and three males.

2015-07-30 Both Era and Maia are pregnant!

2015-06-23 Look at planned litters.

Era is mated to Wi-Skai the 23rd of june! We hope in healthy puppies in about 25th of august. She is pregnant!

Maia is mated to Yeti at Midsummer eve the 19th+ 20th  of june. We hope in healthy puppies at about the 21st of august. She is pregnant


At Bydalsfjällen with 10 dogs


Both Wohpe and Wi-Skai have good hips HD: B and Eyes :Clear


We have been in Furudal at the samoyedweek. I did participate in a race!

It will be my last race, now I just go to my own ”races” in the woods and mountains!

From right to left: Tollie-Wohpe, Pistage (cannot see)-Maia, Wi-Skai-Era.


The two sisters Alina and Anoushka went over the rainbow bridge together today the 28.1. They took the last breath nose to nose and went together up to the other relatives. We will always remember them.


Last weekend I went with 6 dogs to the Meeting at the Greenlanddogclub. I had 6 dogs with me and was sledding 2x30km.The average time had to be at least 8km/hour and with did it very well so now even our young dogs, Maia, Wohpe and Wi-Skai have proved that they are good working dogs!

Tolinka and Wohpe at lead, Maia and Pistage at swing,Wi-Skai and Era at wheel!


We wish all visitors and puppy-owners a merry Christmas and a Happy New year


Mi-Wuk of Ily-To (Wookie )have HD:A, now four of the five puppies in the M-litter have HD:A

Tollie is now SE UCH!


Tollie has been to two shows and got CAC both times.


Ilya is today 10 years old and Maia have got the result of her Hip X-ray with HD:A (excellent!)


I broke my ankle  and got plaster for 6 weeks.


Polardog competition day 2

At lead Barusi and Tolinka, swing Pistage and Maia, at wheel Era and Bolchoj


Yes we did it! Participate at the big competition at Orsa Sweden.The Polarhundsmästerskapen with just purebred polar dogs.

Here with Barusi and Maia at lead!


Our Puppies are now 5 months (17.1) Here with me in snow!


Here I am training for the Polardog competition the 1-2 february!

Finally my old-new homepage has been published, thanks for all support!

Jamtli Christmas market

Me with dad Bolchoj and his two puppies

Wohpe and Wi-Skai at the market very tired!


Today the puppies are 10 weeks old.Two of them have moved to their new owners,

the green male Wakinyan have his new home in Tyresö-Stockholm.

The red girl Wachiwi moved to Orsa today.See some more pictures under litter 16.

I am going to create a new homepage so I can update on my MAC.I hope that I canhave my webbadress.

Wi-Skai (blue boy),Wachiwi (red girl),Wohpe (orange girl) with their moose boone.

New pictures you can see in Puppies

Father Bolchoj with big sister Maia and mother Tolinka here with 3 puppies (one is out of picture)

The puppies are growing fast. The blue boy is the biggest.All have now opened their eyes and ears.
A video of them at an age of 10 days are on page Puppies.

Tolinka gave birth to two boys and two girls the 17th of august. Se Puppies

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