Polarullens Pistage Sosva Ja-Nebla

Pistage is here nickname.When she was born,as the last and 5th pup in the litter, her fur were brightgreen! Sosva is a river in Siberia and Ja-Nebla is "Mother earth" in the native language of the samoyeds.She is a happy and independant girl and a very good lead dog! She hunts with her eyes and she can stand quite still for many minutes just looking around, the same it is with the programs in the television.She loves all animal series, and sits just in front of the tele.

Name: S38779/2006 Polarullens Sosva Ja-Nebla  Born:2006-05-06

height: 56 cm, Weight: 23,5 kg

Titles: NO UCH, SE UCH (11.10 -08) 2 CK,1CAC (BIM) in Sweden,3 CAC in Norway), PDP

HD: B, Eyes clear x 3


Litter 1

Litter 2

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