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A little about the samoyed:

In this video made by Jill Wilson USA you can see how the samoyed is, some of the dogs in the film are related to our dogs.


In this link there are my own videofilms:


We have had samoyeds since 1991 and our kennel is official from 2002. We chose the name “polarullens” inspired as we were by the grass called "Eriophorum Scheuchzeri", which prides the polar landscape when the snow is gone.

We have had 2 litters with our first samoyed Nordvikens Galina.

By the way, her firstborn male Sir Toby is not longer among us,he died summer 2006 at an age of almost 13 years!

After a litter with Nadja the number increased till five. Completely in line with the philosophy

of the Swedish Polardog Club we decided to start looking for a better place to live on with our dogs. It finally happened to be Villaborg on the countryside in Jämtland. Neither we nor the dogs ever had regrets about the move we made in 1996.

It goes without saying that the litters registered under our official name were carefully planned. We breed with the clear intention to get beautiful, healthy working dogs with a nice temperament. That requires a lot of searching and investigations before we can decide how to breed.

The male represented in all our breeding after 2000 is Nordvikens Karelin Kaznan-Karu.

He showed already at very low age the strong will to work hard and to be the leader of the team. He gave us many wonderful winters. Kalle passed away at an age of 13 years and 7 months.

We have at this moment 13 adult sams. Two of them are over 12 years now and are retired, Two are son 11 years but still working part time at the sled.

The others are in training pulling an ATV or sledge.

To be able to run a ten team Samoyeds is really a privilege and of course the experience of unique beauty.

The main goal has been relaxed trips with the sledge in winter land. But we do race some times too. Mostly we participate and also start in a race at the annual Samoyed meeting in Furudal.

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