11:th litter D-litter 20.11 2007 (Varya+ Lindus)

Father:Hyttmyran's Lurvi Lindus Vasjes S59559/2005 HD A Ögon: ua

Mother:  PDP Polarullens Varya Arisha S47917/2002 HD: A Ögon:ua

The puppies were born ca 5 days too early through emergency sectio.12 puppies! 5 survived, 1 female and four males.

S11890/2008 Polarullens Danica Oriana Av Liv   (Lives in Holland)

S11891/2008 Polarullens Darwin  Av Liv  HD: A  Eyes: Clear

S11892/2008 Polarullens Donskii  Av Liv  ( Died too young lived in Norway)

S11893/2008 Polarullens Dasha  Av Liv

S11894/2008 Polarullens Dimitri Av Liv  HD: A



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