15:th litter M-litter 29.7 2012 (Tolinka+Ilya)

Father: S38780/2004 PDP, S(Polar)CH, SE UCH NO UCH Polarullens Ilya-Bruin

Mother: SE48839/2010 Prairie Isle Nayeli Tolinka (Tollie)

Puppies:  three males and two females

SE50083/2012 Polarullens Maiara Of Ily-To (Orange femaleLives here by us HD:A , Eyes Clear

SE50084/2012 Polarullens Mei-Mei Of Ily-To (Red female) Lives by Tina Johansson  HD:A Eyes: Clear

SE50085/2012 Polarullens Mi-Wuk Of Ily-To (Blue hane) Lives in Trondheim Norway HD:A   Eyes: Clear x2  Gonioskopi clear

SE50086/2012 Polarullens Mikai Of Ily-To (Yellow male) Lives in Belgium

SE50087/2012 Polarullens Prairie Matoska (Green male)Lives by Helen in  ND USA HD:A, ED:0  Eyes: Clear

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