17:th litter C-litter 2015-08-19, Maia+ Yeti

Maia is our slender and atletic young female.She is sweet and social and a good worker at swing by sledding.

Yeti lives in Hansjö-Orsa, he is a strong young male and very social and sweet to all.He is a fast and good worker infront of the sled. Yeti is one of the males from our Y-litter

Maia and Yeti have mated the 19th and 20th of june. The litter was born 19th of august.


2015-08-19: Maia got 5 puppies, an easy delivery and normal weight of the puppies. Unfortunately two puppies (green and blue male) were not very well and had to be put to sleep.

SE49948/2015 Polarullens Cero Av Ma-Yeti , Male black, weight at birth 449g  HD: A, ED:0, Eyes: Clear

SE49949/2015 Polarullens Cata-Rina Av Ma-Yeti, Female Red weight at birth 365g  HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes; Clear, Gonioskopi  perfect.

SE49950/2015 Polarullens Caga Av Ma-Yeti, Female Orange, weight at birth 339g  HD:A

Cero 5w+6d





6 months

Cero 19.3

Cero  7 months

Cero lives in Sollefteå

The girls!

Caga (Malle( and Cata-Rina

A little girl (orange) Caga (Malle)

Caga 5w+4d

Caga (Malle) with Nienke

Caga (Malle)

Caga (Malle)

Malle the first time in Holland.

12.12 2015

5,5 months old

Malle 6,5 months

7 Months old

8 months

Malle moved to Holland the 11.12 2015

Cata-Rina moved to Denmark

Red girl (Cata-Rina) 3,5 weeks old


Rina lives in Danmark

4 months

6,5 Months old

7 months old

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