19:th litter  Supermoon-litter

At the night of the Super Moon 14th of november 2016 our puppies arrived.  Four males and one little girl.

Skärmavbild 2016-09-14 kl. 09.59.43

SE59725/2016 Polarullens Vauhti Of Supermoon (Blue Boy) HD: A

SE59726/2016 Polarullens Njólak Of Supermoon (White Boy) HD:B,  Eyes:Clear 23.9 2018

SE59727/2016 Polarullens Sakhalin Of Supermoon (Black Boy) Lives in Denmark HD: A

SE59728/2016 Polarullens Izo Of Supermoon (Green Boy) Lives in Norway HD: B

SE59729/2016 Polarullens Luna Of Supermoon ( Mini-Girl)

One week old

2,5 weeks old

3,5 weeks old

Three boys and Maja

First time in snow

First comes Njólak (white boy), then Sakhalin (black boy), Vauhti (blue boy), Luna, Izo (green boy)

Black boy ,Sakhalin

Blue boy, Vauhti

Green boy, Izo

White boy, Njólak

Mini girl, Luna

8 weeks


The green male , Izo moved with Lise and Paul to Stokmarknes in north Norway



The White male , Njólak moved to Sjoerd and Artur in Svenstavik


The blue male, Vauhti moved to Carina, Maja and Leif and of course father Swix, living in Östersund.


Today black boy Sakhalin left us to live with Heidi Jensen in Denmark. 


2017-06-13  at an age of 7 months, 14,7 kg, 47,5 cm high

Now she lives with Ibba and her family!

Luna at her first day of life, just 175g

14,5 weeks old

Luna has been to the eye-vet today 2017-04-09 and she has normal eyes jut a little strabismus on the right eye, normal movements. We are so happy, too she has almost the whole eyelids with pigment now.

Wohpe was mated the 14 of september with Polartassen Salomon (Swix) 

Inbreed is 2,1% and HD-index is 108, Swix has HD:A Eyes clear.

Skärmavbild 2016-09-14 kl. 09.59.43

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