20:th litter 29.07.2017 Av Villaborg


We got 1 female and 3 males! Happy Birthday!!!

 Maia as a puppy


3 weeks old! 

2017-07-31. Puppies 2 days old. orange, yellow and green are the males.

 Maia, HD: A, Eyes clear. 

She loves the puppies of Wohpe, here with the little girl Luna, aka Mini.

Here is Washakie

He has HD:A, Clear eyes and Gonioskopie normal.

He is a male of 58cm, he has a very nice temperament and is a good worker and Norwegian show champion.

We hope he may suite Maia!

SE47974/2017 Polarullens Molotov Av Villaborg  HD: A

SE47975/2017 Polarullens Milo Av Villaborg

SE47976/2017 Polarullens Smilla Av Villaborg

SE47977/2017 Polarullens Sammy Av Villaborg  HD: C/D, eyes Clear

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