8:th Litter B-litter 2005-04-14 (Popov+Alina)

Father: S38562/2002 PDP SUCH Nordvikens Popov Zolot Sobaka

Mother: S47925/2002 Polarullens Alina Belka

The puppies were born some days too early due to polyhydramnion and too many puppies (all more that 500g).

Puppies: 10 males
S33145/2005 Polarullens Barba Alpov
S33146/2005 Polarullens Barsik Alpov
S33147/2005 Polarullens Barusi Alpov

S33148/2005 Polarullens Basejev Alpov † (died 12 weeks old)

S33149/2005 Polarullens Bidi Alpov  (died 14 weeks old)

S33150/2005 Polarullens Bobik Alpov † (died 11 weeks old)

S33151/2005 Polarullens Bolchoj Alpov
S33152/2005 Polarullens Boris Alpov
S33153/2005 Polarullens Boyar Alpov

S33154/2005 Polarullens Buran Alpov  (died 9 weeks old)


Barusi: HD A/B  Eyes: clear
Bolchoj: HD:B  Eyes: clear
Barba (Karo): HD:B  Eyes: clear
Boris (Foppa): HD:B  Eyes: clear

Boyar(Isaak): HD:B  Eyes: clear

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