18:th litter K-litter 2015-08-25, Era+ Wi-Skai


Era is a strong big female, very sweet and intelligent. She decides what she wants to do! She is our strong wheedling by sledding.Her coat is creme color and has a good structure. 


Wi-Skai is our youngest male, he is learning very fast. He is a good and fast sleddog and listens very well. He is beautiful and has a short thick white coat.

Era and Wi-Skai have mated the 23rd of june

She delivered 8 puppies the 25th of August, three females and five males. But we are sad, one little girl went over the rainbow bridge at an age of 3 days, she was healthy but Era had an emergency C-sectio (because of Polyhydramnion) and was dizzy and put her bottom on her.

SE49941/2015 Polarullens Kaa-Tee Av Era-Wi ,Female  HD:A, ED: 0 Eyes: clear

SE49942/2015 Polarullens Katya Av Era-Wi, Female

SE49943/2015 Polarullens K-Rigel Av Era-Wi, Male  HD: A Eyes :Clear

SE49944/2015 Polarullens Karelin Jr Av Era-Wi, Male HD: A, ED:0, Eyes:clear

SE49945/2015 Polarullens Kailo Vestavind Era-Wi, Male HD:A, ED: 0 Male Eyes: Clear

SE49946/2015 Polarullens Kezik Av Era-Wi, Male  HD: A

SE49947/2015 Polarullens Kostja Av Era-Wi, Male HD: A


Oncle Ilya 11,5 years love puppies

Kaa-Tee and brother Kailo

Blue male (Karelin)

Karelin ”Kalle” lives in Örnsköldsvik

Kalle 6,5 months old

 Kalle 7 months old

Kalle 7,5 months old


Yellow Male (Kailo)

Kailo lives in Ljungaverk

6 months old

Kailo 7,5 months old

Lightblue male, (K-Rigel)

Rigel lives in Tromsö (Norway) 

Rigel has a new home, since march 2018 ,with Sabine Bernegger and lives together with Era and Wi-Skai in Boden (North Sweden).


Rigel at the airport and with his baby girl .

Rigel, 6 months

7 Months and he had got something in his ear (it is up by now!)

http://example.com Rigel with Impi (Daughter of Taiga)

Here lives Rigel !

Here he is 2,5 years old and living in Boden.

Purple Male (Kezik)

Kezik lives here in Norderön (Frösön)

Kezik o Kaa-Tee 5,5 Months old

Kezik 6 months old

6,5 months old

Green male, Kostja

Kostja lives in Funäsdalen

Kostja 4,5 months old

8 Months old

Kaa-Tee ,Red girl

Kaa-Tee lives here by us

Orange girl, Katya (Stacy)

Stacy lives in Oslo (Norway)

4 Months

5 months old

6 Months old

6,5 Months old

7 months old

7 months old

7,5 Months old

© Margareta Kohrtz 2015