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Nu har Luna flyttat till Ibba och hennes familj!

Lycka till med denna lilla underbara tik!

Luna was puppy number 5, a very small puppy of just 178g. 

She is a surviver and has been struggle with four big boys.

10 weeks

11,5 weeks old

Look at litter 19th.


Born 17.8 2013  Died 30.7 2021

Wohpe moved to Heike Feigenspan the 21st of june 2017.She lives now in Germany.

She has got her second litter one male and two females in dec 2017, se the homepage of Heike, kennel Kaneeli-Karhu

She died at pregnancy 3 weeks, why?


Wohpe 6 months old

8,5 months old

9,5 months old

15 months

Almost 2 years old, here with Iza

2 years and 11 months old

SE50504/2013 Polarullens Wohpe Of To-Bolch T (orange)  Born: 17.8 2013  in a litter of four.      

She is from litter 16 a very fast puppy but not so tall. At 19 months she is 52cm and 18kg.


Eyes: Clear 2015-03-15

Workingtest: 2 x 30km jan 2015

Show: VG feb 2015, Excellent and third in working class feb. 2016

She got one litter here, the 19th litter.


She moved to Lars Jämtsved o Lotta Eriksson i Bräcke the 27.8 2017

SE49941/2015 Polarullens Kaa-Tee Av Era-Wi

Kaa-Tee is expecting her first litter about the 18th of nov. 2018

Born: 2015-08-25  K-litter

 She has HD: A and ED: 0 Eyes: Clear

6 months

Kaa-Tee and Mossa

8 Months

almost 10 months old

15 months

17 months


He moved to Sabine Bernegger in Boden the 31st of august 2017 together with Era

Born: 2013-08-17

Heigh at 22 months: 58cm, weight: 23,5kg

Workingtest: 2 x 30km jan 2015

Show: VG feb. 2015


Eyes: Clear  2015-03-15

Wi-Skai 9,5 week old

5 months old

6 months old at his first show

8,5 months old

9,5 months old

nov. 2014

Summer 2015

Look at litter 16

He has one litter with Era, look at litter K


She moved with Wi-Skai to Sabine Bernegger in Boden the 31st of august 2017

Polarullens Era av Numbanu

Born: 2009-06-29    E-litter

Era is one of 8 sisters and brothers. Numbanu has the meaning Rainbow 

That name all of them got from their father Dexter "Rainbow Warrior"

She is already a very tuff lady with tall legs.Her mom and grandma Varya has raised her to be unafraid and to know the doglanguage.

She is not quite white but has a lot of blue-bisquit on her head and shoulders

Height: 56cm  Weight: 22,5 kg

HD: A , ED:0,  Eyes clear, rechecked 2014-10-04 :Clear

Working: 2 x 30 km test

She has one litter: K


Daddy Dexter.

Era and her friend Flinga

13 weeks

6 months



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